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SD Bull Dog Wrestling wants everyone to join our club and we strive to make that possible by charging very affordable prices. Our companies pricing is fair and affordable for everyone.

Our Children membership is ONLY $20 a month.

Our Adult membership is ONLY $60 a month.

This includes five days a week of special training and access to our gym.

Our special training is provided by our dedicated coaches and staff to help you with building confidence and push your body to its limits to learn new moves and techniques.

Our gym provides you with all of the special training equipment needed to help you maintain a healthy,fit body and build strength needed to perform at your best. There are plenty of benefits that a wrestler can achieve from the sport of wrestling if they are dedicated to learning the lessons provided. Our membership pricing is designed to help you achieve these benefits and help you apply these lessons to your life when you have completed your wrestling membership.

If you have any questions about our membership pricing please contact one of our staff members.