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SD Bull Dog Wrestling is a group that is open to anyone and everyone that is interested. We invited you to join us...men, women and children of all ages, gay or straight, all nationalities, or physical disabilities and all walks of life are welcome. We are a sport that brings people together from all over the world.Wrestling helps teach athletes many useful lessons about sports and life in particular.

SD Bull Dog Wrestling groups main focus in helping young children learn self discipline, self control, body control, personal responsibility and mental hardiness. You need to develop self discipline to be a successful wrestler, you cannot just practice whenever you feel like it, or you will not be properly prepared. It is important to make a routine and stick to it. We spend time building you into an athlete before working on any wrestling moves. We work on flexibility and strength training of all body parts because you need to be able to move everything possible to perform a lot of wrestling moves and win a match. You can learn a lot of techniques in wrestling, but if you spend your time mastering one or twomoves you can become unstoppable. A good wrestler can discipline themselves to concentrate on a certain skill and master it, to give them a better chance of winning a match.

Wrestling has a way of bringing people together and creating strong bonds between them. During practice a group of wrestlers are giving it all that they have to become their very best and they have to compete against each other to do it. But at the end of the day, no matter the outcome of the match they can still be the best of friends.

Wrestling encourages you to maintain a healthy weight by helping you say no to brownies and yes to fresh fruit and veggies. The better the food is that you eat, the more energy you will have, and the better you will feel and perform.

Best of all, wrestling is fun! We encourage everyone to have fun regardless of the challenges that they face. It is a lot of fun to compete in a match and have your hand raised at the end when you win. Wrestling teaches you that working hard and improving your skills can help you prepare for whatever life might toss your way and you will know that you can overcome it with hard work and dedication. Thesport of wrestling helps teach you things that will help you throughout your lifetime; it helps createstrong bodies and minds and teaches you how to set and achieve goals.

Our classes are based in San Diego, California and our goal is to be a friendly place for everyone andanyone that would like to join. We welcome NEW and UNEXPERIENCED athletes

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